The 1st Consumer Health Informatics in the Midwest (CHIM) meeting


Consumer health informatics is a growing and dynamic field of research and practice. Consumers and patients are increasingly using health information technologies, and even more have the potential to benefit from them in the future. As the opportunities for consumer health informatics grow, we believe that there would be value to building a network of researchers in the field. We believe that such a network could allow us to have creative and productive conversations, build collaborations, and ultimately pursue more ambitious and multidisciplinary initiatives than we could alone.

In this meeting, we want to start a dialogue between consumer health informatics researchers, beginning with scholars who are located close to one another geographically. Therefore, you are invited to an invitation-only, one-day meeting of Consumer Health Informatics researchers in the Midwest (CHIM). The purpose of the meeting will be to share information about ongoing projects and explore collaborative opportunities.

Date, time, and place:
February 22 from 10a-4p in Fort Wayne, Indiana
The Steel Dynamics Keith E. Busse IPFW Alumni Center, 1528 E California Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46825

Reminders about where and how to submit information about you, your student, and your short presentation:

Online RSVP http://tiny.cc/CHIM-RSVP by January 17. Please fill in a talk title if you would like to do a lightning talk. The 4-minute lightning talks can be formal power point presentations or informal discussions.

Have the student that you have invited (each invited professor or invited post doc can bring one student) sign-up for the conference by January 17here: http://tiny.cc/CHIM-RSVP

For those who are doing lightning talks, we ask that you emphasize the methods that you use and note any population types that you work with in your research to help us make as many collaborative connections within our community as possible. upload your presentation to the Google Drive (http://tiny.cc/CHIM-Presentationsby February 20

Katie Siek, Indiana University
Jina Huh, Michigan State University
Tammy Toscos, IPFW
Tiffany Veinot, University of Michigan

Current Attendee List:

  • Patti Abbott, Michigan-Ann Arbor, School of Nursing
  • Predrag Klasnja, Michigan-Ann Arbor, School of Information
  • Shelia Cotten, Michigan State University, Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media
  • Kay Connelly, Indiana, School of Informatics and Computing
  • Sriraam Natarajan, Indiana, School of Informatics and Computing
  • Katie Siek, Indiana, School of Informatics and Computing
  • Tammy Toscos, IPFW, Department of Nursing
  • Catherine Arnott-Smith, Wisconsin-Madison, School of Library & Information Studies
  • Laurel Riek, Notre Dame University, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Albert Lai, Ohio State University, Dept. of Biomedical Informatics (not 100% sure, but likely)
  • Mark Ackerman, Michigan-Ann Arbor, School of Information
  • Caroline Richardson, Michigan-Ann Arbor, Department of Family Medicine and Ann Arbor VA Center for Clinical Management Research
  • Laurie Buis, Michigan-Ann Arbor, Dept of Family Medicine
  • Tiffany Veinot, Michigan-Ann Arbor, School of Information
  • Jina Huh, Michigan State University, Telecommunication, Information Studies, & Media
  • Kathleen A. Harder, University of Minnesota, Center for Design in Health

Draft Schedule:

  • 9:30a Coffee and continental breakfast
  • 10:00a Welcome Quick Intro with the goals of the day; explaining how to sign up in discussion groups
  • 10:15a Lightning Talk 4 minute presentations that provide an overview of research, methods, and populations we work with. The talks will be grouped in 3-4 speakers with time for discussion between each group of speakers.
  • 11:45a Networking based on Specialty, Disciplinarity, and Topic (interventionists, populations, etc.)
    • What is the issue that you most struggle with in your work right now?
  • 12:20p Discussion Group Pitches
  • 12:30p Qdoba lunch (sign-up for discussion groups during lunch)
  • 1:30p Project Discussion Groups
    • What is your deliverable to the group for the report out?
  • 2:30p Coffee Break
  • 3:00p Discussion Group Report Out
  • 3:20p What I want to do next?
  • 3:50p Wrap-Up